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  • Mill Lime

Mill Lime

Mill Lime consists of calcium carbonate that is converted from quick lime in a Maine Paper Mill's kiln. Mill Lime can be spread with typical fertilizer spreading equipment.

With a calcium carbonate equivalence of 98%, Mill Lime is a high potency, highly reactive agricultural liming agent.  Mill Lime has a moist, fine texture and provides an immediate pH benefit to soil.

  • pH: 11.5 (average)
  • Calcium:  541.1 lbs/ton
  • Phosphorus:  5.9 lbs/ton
  • Magnesium:  4.1 lbs/ton
  • Lime equivalency:  1.8 tons of Mill Lime equals 2 tons of commercial lime

Mill Lime is spread through standard rear discharge or slinger manure spreaders at rates of 1.8 tons per acre.  Available in Central Maine.  


  • Agriculture

    An application rate of 2.1 tons/acre is equivalent to the liming value of two tons of commercial lime. Actual application rate should be based on soil analyses and crop(s) to be grown.