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  • Erosion Control Mix

Erosion Control Mix

Erosion Control Mix is a chunky blend of forest soil, bark, sand and course stone (<3”). These natural ingredients are washed off of logs in a concrete water flume and are then processed to our specifications. Since 1990, ECM has been used tensively to stabilize slopes, minimize nutrient runoff and protect water quality.


  • Filter Berm

    Apply ECM parallel to the base of the slope, or around the perimeter of disturbed area. In general, the base of the ECM berm should be approximately twice the height of the berm. Larger berms should be constructed where required due to higher water flow, rainfall or snow melt. On highly unstable soils, use ECM in conjunction with other appropriate structural measures.

  • Park & Trail Mulch

    Apply 2-4” of ECM to protect tree roots, stabilize walking paths and achieve a natural appearance.

  • Slope Stabilization

    For both temporary and permanent erosion/sediment control on sloped areas up to 2:1 grade, apply 4”- 6” of Erosion Control Mix (ECM) as a cover on areas that have sheet flow drainage. Apply ECM approximately 3 feet over the top of the slope, overlapping it onto existing vegetation.